Sunday, September 10, 2006

Let us build the concept.

The word antifinity came to me some time ago. I feel immense pressure when I think about the world today. Anyone ever stagnated in the employment world? Attempt your own venture? Try to better the world? If so, then you may know about the challenges faced.

That is where I seek to create AntiFinity™. When we develope counter-barriers using building blocks such as integrity, conservation, and community, all of which we have an infinite supply when we develop the resources. With this foundation in place we experience antifinity. Limitless potential.

Constantly striving against any limitation of knowledge, life, or liberty. To find a place within this Earth's ecosystem and society to create viable opportunity while consistently taking nothing from the value of either. This is where we begin with our hope.

AntiFinity™ starts with people, when we connect to discover new ideas, perpetuate good ones, and work to create solutions for tomorrow. Act in compassion and with diligence. Share what is learned.

in a word...


1. opposition to finity; against limitation 2. thought provoking; against ignorance, against anti-intellectualism 3. learning which inspires beyond common limits "full of antifinity" 4. liberation by intelligent action

As defined by Ryan H Munn

Seek your own antifinity. Share a good idea.

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