Friday, June 07, 2024

A Sponsored Captive for Personal Information Protection as A Sandbox for Innovation

In an era where personal data is as valuable as currency, safeguarding individuals' privacy while enabling the ethical use and monetization of this data presents a complex challenge. A state-sponsored captive insurance entity, dedicated to personal information protection, could pioneer a novel protocol that balances these interests, transforming how companies access, use, monetize, and protect citizen data. Here's a detailed use case for such an initiative:

Use Case: State-Sponsored Captive for Personal Information Protection


In response to growing concerns over data privacy and the ethical use of personal information, a state decides to establish a captive insurance entity focused on personal information protection. This entity serves a dual purpose: it insures companies against data breaches and privacy-related liabilities effectively establishing a sandbox for innovation, and it enforces a new standard for data management that prioritizes individual privacy and ethical data monetization.

The Model

1. **Establishment of the Captive**: The state sponsors the creation of a captive insurance entity. This entity is designed to offer insurance products to businesses that handle personal data, covering risks associated with data breaches, misuse of personal information, and non-compliance with data protection regulations.

2. **Development of a New Data Protocol**: The captive collaborates with data privacy experts, technologists, and ethicists to develop a comprehensive protocol for data access, use, and monetization. This protocol emphasizes transparency, consent, and individual control over personal information. It includes standards for anonymization, secure data sharing, and ethical monetization practices.

3. **Certification Program**: Companies wishing to access and use personal data must undergo a certification process, demonstrating compliance with the new data protocol. This process involves rigorous audits, employee training, and implementation of approved data management systems.

4. **Insurance Coverage and Incentives**: Certified companies gain access to insurance products that provide coverage for data-related risks. Premiums are scaled based on the company's adherence to the protocol, incentivizing best practices in data management. Companies demonstrating exemplary data stewardship could benefit from reduced premiums and other incentives.

5. **Individual Data Control Mechanism**: The protocol includes the development of a digital platform or application that allows individuals to control who accesses their data and for what purpose. Individuals can grant or revoke consent for data use, view how their data is being used, and even partake in the economic benefits derived from their data.

6. **Data Breach Response and Mitigation**: In the event of a data breach or privacy violation, the captive provides comprehensive support, including financial coverage, crisis management, and access to data security experts to mitigate the breach's impact.

7. **Continuous Improvement and Adaptation**: The captive maintains an ongoing dialogue with stakeholders, including citizens, businesses, and regulators, to continuously improve the data protocol. This ensures the protocol remains effective in the face of evolving data use practices and technological advancements.


- **Enhanced Data Privacy for Citizens**: Individuals gain unprecedented control over their personal information, enhancing privacy and trust.

- **Risk Mitigation for Businesses**: Companies benefit from insurance coverage against data-related risks, reducing the financial impact of potential data breaches or privacy violations.

- **Ethical Data Monetization**: The protocol provides a framework for companies to ethically monetize data, ensuring that individuals are aware of and can benefit from the use of their information.

- **Standardization of Data Practices**: Establishing a uniform protocol for data management sets a high standard for data privacy and ethical use, encouraging better practices industry-wide.

- **Valuation of Data as an Asset**: The entity holding the data, also holds the liability, and this model encourages and monetizes a feedback driven valuation of data, it's beneficial uses, and capacity for exploitation, which requires mitigation.

This use case outlines just the beginning of an approach to creating a sandbox of innovation for companies managing personal data, balancing the protection of individual privacy with the needs of businesses to access and monetize data and important opportunities to derive human benefits. By leveraging a state-sponsored captive insurance model, this initiative not only offers financial protection against data-related risks but also champions a new standard for ethical and transparent data management. This pioneering model could serve as a blueprint for states and countries seeking to navigate the complex terrain of data privacy and monetization in the digital age.

The Evolution of Blockchain: A Continuation of the Democracy Journey

 **By Ryan Munn, Blockchain Advocate and Lifelong Student of Everything**

Blockchain is often misunderstood. It’s not merely a solution to a specific problem; it’s a fundamental evolution of our democracy, human collaboration, and empowerment. It offers unprecedented access to the tools of governance and the pursuit of happiness. Essentially, blockchain is about providing everyone with access to capital, knowledge, and power. It’s not just a venture capital thesis or a profit-making tool.

The drive for profit is what brings this open-source technology into our lives, making it impossible for the traditional world to ignore. The traditional world feels threatened only by the openness, accountability, and accessibility that blockchain promotes. Institutions, corporations, and traditional interests may feel threatened by blockchain, but they need to understand that it is an opportunity, not a threat. Blockchain is simply a continuation of human ingenuity, using new, stronger technologies to reinforce human rights and enable their exercise.

Embracing Blockchain for Better Governance

In every pitch or proposal, blockchain should already be baked into the accounting and governance models. It enables cross-jurisdictional regulatory compliance, community engagement, accountability, governance, and leadership. It also offers a range of flexible and dynamic financial instruments and tools that can empower individuals and communities.

This is our future if we embrace it. Complacency is our only enemy. Blockchain offers us the tools for collective governance, which has always been a significant opportunity and challeng. Historically, the empowerment of people was limited by technology, like the printing press, which enabled the dissemination of knowledge and information. However, large capital and wealth holders have always tried to control this dissemination.

Breaking the Paradigm

Over a century ago, efforts were made to control the supply of materials to printing presses, ensuring that the centralized control of the lumber industry remained dominant. This limited the sources of news to centralized entities. Before that, those who controlled the ink, quills, and books – like the church – restricted access to knowledge, maintaining it within a closed circle.

This paradigm has been broken many times through human collaboration and inventive technologies that enable the sharing and preservation of knowledge over long distances of space and time. Blockchain is simply the latest evolution in the preservation of knowledge across time and space.

Blockchain is not just a technological innovation; it’s the next step in our collective governance, human rights, and the sharing of knowledge. By embracing blockchain, we can take our future into our own hands and create a more equitable and empowered world.

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Revolutionizing Land Stewardship in Vermont: A Blockchain-Powered Insurance Model

In the (s)lush landscapes of Vermont, where nature's beauty meets the challenges of flood-prone and snow zones, a new era of land stewardship beckons. As someone deeply ingrained in the fabric of Vermont's innovation ecosystem, having navigated the highs and lows of the blockchain revolution over the past decade, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative potential of forward-thinking ideas. From contributing to the coworking spaces that dot our vibrant communities to shaping the language of Vermont Act 205, my journey has been about harnessing innovation for the economic and human benefit of our state and beyond.
Today, I'm excited to share a groundbreaking idea that embodies this ethos—a hypothetical use case leveraging blockchain technology to revolutionize land stewardship, support biomass production, and deliver positive climate impacts, all underpinned by a novel insurance model. This vision, while yet to be realized, encapsulates the pioneering spirit that drives us forward.
A Captive Solution for a Greener Future
A visionary captive insurance entity designed to nurture sustainable land management practices in Vermont's flood-prone areas. Through this captive, we propose a symbiotic relationship between land stewards—be they homeowners, farmers, or custodians of the land—and the broader objectives of climate resilience and sustainability.
It's foundation lies in smart contracts powered by blockchain technology, offering a transparent, efficient, and trustworthy framework for managing insurance policies. These digital contracts are designed to incentivize and reward land stewards for adopting practices that contribute to biomass production and mitigate flood risks.
Data-Driven Stewardship
What sets this model apart is its reliance on real-time data from environmental sensors and satellite imagery, seamlessly integrated into the blockchain. This data-driven approach ensures that insurance premiums and payouts are closely aligned with the steward's adherence to sustainable practices and their tangible impact on the land.
For instance, a farmer who successfully increases biomass production, thereby enhancing flood mitigation and carbon sequestration, could benefit from reduced insurance premiums and higher coverage limits. In the unfortunate event of a flood, the smart contracts would trigger automatic payouts, providing immediate support to the affected stewards.
Fostering Innovation and Investment
This initiative is not just about safeguarding against the whims of nature—it's a beacon for innovation and investment. By demonstrating the tangible benefits of sustainable land stewardship, coupled with the financial viability of the insurance model, we aim to attract investments from within Vermont and beyond. These funds will fuel the expansion of the program, ensuring its scalability and sustainability.
A Community Effort
Success in this endeavor requires more than just technology; it hinges on community engagement and education. It's about bringing together land stewards, policymakers, technologists, and investors to foster a shared understanding of the benefits and workings of this model. Our aim is to empower every participant with the knowledge and tools they need to contribute to this transformative initiative.
The Road Ahead
As we stand on the brink of this exciting venture, I'm reminded of the collaborative spirit that defines Vermont. Our work with coworking spaces, innovation hubs, and the broader entrepreneurial community has always been about more than just business; it's about building a sustainable future for all.
This hypothetical model represents the convergence of technology, environmental stewardship, and community engagement. While it remains a vision, the foundations are firmly rooted in the work we've done and the lessons we've learned. As we continue to collaborate with innovators and entrepreneurs within our community and beyond, I'm confident that this vision can become a reality, setting a precedent not just for Vermont, but for the world.
In Vermont, we have a unique opportunity to lead by example, showing how technology and nature can coexist in harmony for the greater good. Let's embrace this challenge and work together towards a greener, more sustainable future.

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

A rainy day, walk a path.

The smell of wet decaying leaves, the signs of nature going dormant for winter. To the unaware, the appearance of death. To the aware, signs that the cycle of Life continues. The Cycle of Life shows itself in all aspects, eddies from the current, the massive flow of energy through the universe, alway flowing yet easily disturbed and diverted, redirected and spun off. Now as we disrupt with technology we see the same cycle that to some appear as a cycle of death yet to others appear as signs of life and hope. Let's join together in embracing the cycle of life embracing hope embracing success that we're building upon, and the change that we may implement to achieve our goals. Sustainability, compassion, humanitarian ideals, and a continued pursuit of happiness, can all be achieved with the resources available. There may be a few that need to sacrifice, but very few. The truth is that right now, the masses pay for the deficiencies and poor design of our system, though it is not malicious, nobody's doing it on purpose. There may be a select few bad actors, and it may be in part self-inflicted. We may also take solace in the evidence of the human capacity and we must take account of our natural resources in limitation in order to recognize the abundance that is available to us. We have today the opportunity to be building systems that serve and enable Humanity to be its best self, the best version of humanity that Humanity can be, with all the individual unique characters that make up that Whole. Don't believe what you are told about human nature for nothing static is human nature. Human nature is to evolve. Human nature is to grow and learn. Human nature is neuroplasticity. Our amazing ability to observe learn and change our behavior, is our nature. We must evolve from our centuries-old way of operating because it is obsolete. We must stop pretending to use modern technology when we are still only propping up obsolete system with technological bandaids. We must design our #nextsystem from the ground up, based on technology, and supporting community and humanity-based governance. We must break our addictions to blind faith and fear, then challenge ourselves to rise to the next age.

Monday, February 19, 2018

UBI: Fraud, fad, or future?

UBI, as in Universal Basic Income Not to be confused with welfare. This is an idea, that from any value circuit there should be a recognition of the value of the participant, which allows the process to begin with a universal basic income to the prospective party in order to be enabled as a participant.

Thursday, January 04, 2018

Save for profit, invest for cause.

This is a paradigm shift that started in the 60s or earlier, and part of the path mankind has been on for millenia. If we learn how to think about money and monetary tools, we will adapt our behavior to better serve our own intentions. We may find that embracing commitment, while accepting constant change will free us from economic slavery. Pockets of collaboration will evolve to contribute to the whole diverse intention to live life and pursue happiness. Many will find they no longer concern themselves with monetary concepts, and those that do will be part of a dynamic and elastic system to reward those who save for rainy days. This new paradigm will offer opportunities for investment, but the bottom line influences your return on remaining savings, and it may not be transferable on death. We may have to accept that the only thing we leave behind are memories (unless of course we figure out how to bring back mr finney). In the meantime we earn our capital through societal contribution and our rate of appreciation is relative to our wisdom in applications of said earned capital. Which ultimately keeps all those able and willing to manage capital, engaged and empowered, while leaving no barrier to entry, nor requirement to participate directly. It remains the responsibility of those with capital to manage well to entice participation in systems that are synergistic to society, which benefit them… or capital dissipates with poor decisions and the individual must rely on opportunities to participate in existing systems. This scales from the individual, to small family or group, to entire cities, and global autonomous nation-states. Technology allows this, but does not define it. We finally have the option to exercise true freedom, in part because we have the ability to create transparent and accountable governance. We must participate in defining new models, and trying new things. Failure is often educational if critical thought is applied. Do not allow fear to deter us, nor others to define us, we are the future and the past. Let go of static thinking, look for the curves ahead, and find your flow.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Applied Chaos

Society; Communities
Internet; Messaging
Cryptography; Token Economy.

Each of these represents broad examples of naturally occurring, organized chaos, and the resulting beautiful manifestation we are provided to influence our world. Cryptography represents our application of everything we have learned from its predecessors, applied intentionally. When combined with brilliant logic, advanced ethical systems, and extraordinary collaboration, this futuristic science opens doors to humanity. We have the power to express ourselves, and record it, for perpetuity, and with clarity. We must open ourselves, and continue to learn, to progress into the quantum age.

This is the power that the ruling class have wielded over the subjective classes for millennia. The power to state that a thing is, because it is written. We all now have the power to release our statement in ways that express our true desire or belief, and trust in the markets that be. The beauty lies in the open redundancy of the systems in place. With almost a decade of up-time from Grandpa Satoshi, and a combined century of up-time from the key juggernauts in the world today, the technology has proven itself worth significant merit, and is already being applied by major banks, institutions, US states, and governments worldwide. They have figured out, as the old saying goes, "can't beat'em... join'em", and that is exactly what has happened this year, and over the past 2-3 years.

Looking for more info? Watch the short Ted Talk below.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Buying the new economy.

The new economy is not quite here but it is available to test drive. You can even buy your slice of it right now. The new economic tools of the modern age are available at the fingertips of anyone who chooses to participate. You can own pieces of the new financial systems that will serve the people who use and rely on them. Blockchain secure assets bring private equity back to Main St in America, and even connects small or remote communities to the global market.

Right now the world is in competition. It is a friendly race though. Like a financial arms race. Only it is a race among the people, yet everyone wins as we cut out the middle men of our financial systems.

Explore, search, and learn about this new technology. Discuss with friends, family, and colleagues. Own a piece of something. Take it back from wall st and bring it to main St. Let us make sure America has a strong position in the global digital asset market.

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