Tuesday, November 06, 2018

A rainy day, walk a path.

The smell of wet decaying leaves, the signs of nature going dormant for winter. To the unaware, the appearance of death. To the aware, signs that the cycle of Life continues. The Cycle of Life shows itself in all aspects, eddies from the current, the massive flow of energy through the universe, alway flowing yet easily disturbed and diverted, redirected and spun off. Now as we disrupt with technology we see the same cycle that to some appear as a cycle of death yet to others appear as signs of life and hope. Let's join together in embracing the cycle of life embracing hope embracing success that we're building upon, and the change that we may implement to achieve our goals. Sustainability, compassion, humanitarian ideals, and a continued pursuit of happiness, can all be achieved with the resources available. There may be a few that need to sacrifice, but very few. The truth is that right now, the masses pay for the deficiencies and poor design of our system, though it is not malicious, nobody's doing it on purpose. There may be a select few bad actors, and it may be in part self-inflicted. We may also take solace in the evidence of the human capacity and we must take account of our natural resources in limitation in order to recognize the abundance that is available to us. We have today the opportunity to be building systems that serve and enable Humanity to be its best self, the best version of humanity that Humanity can be, with all the individual unique characters that make up that Whole. Don't believe what you are told about human nature for nothing static is human nature. Human nature is to evolve. Human nature is to grow and learn. Human nature is neuroplasticity. Our amazing ability to observe learn and change our behavior, is our nature. We must evolve from our centuries-old way of operating because it is obsolete. We must stop pretending to use modern technology when we are still only propping up obsolete system with technological bandaids. We must design our #nextsystem from the ground up, based on technology, and supporting community and humanity-based governance. We must break our addictions to blind faith and fear, then challenge ourselves to rise to the next age.

Monday, February 19, 2018

UBI: Fraud, fad, or future?

UBI, as in Universal Basic Income Not to be confused with welfare. This is an idea, that from any value circuit there should be a recognition of the value of the participant, which allows the process to begin with a universal basic income to the prospective party in order to be enabled as a participant.

Thursday, January 04, 2018

Save for profit, invest for cause.

This is a paradigm shift that started in the 60s or earlier, and part of the path mankind has been on for millenia. If we learn how to think about money and monetary tools, we will adapt our behavior to better serve our own intentions. We may find that embracing commitment, while accepting constant change will free us from economic slavery. Pockets of collaboration will evolve to contribute to the whole diverse intention to live life and pursue happiness. Many will find they no longer concern themselves with monetary concepts, and those that do will be part of a dynamic and elastic system to reward those who save for rainy days. This new paradigm will offer opportunities for investment, but the bottom line influences your return on remaining savings, and it may not be transferable on death. We may have to accept that the only thing we leave behind are memories (unless of course we figure out how to bring back mr finney). In the meantime we earn our capital through societal contribution and our rate of appreciation is relative to our wisdom in applications of said earned capital. Which ultimately keeps all those able and willing to manage capital, engaged and empowered, while leaving no barrier to entry, nor requirement to participate directly. It remains the responsibility of those with capital to manage well to entice participation in systems that are synergistic to society, which benefit them… or capital dissipates with poor decisions and the individual must rely on opportunities to participate in existing systems. This scales from the individual, to small family or group, to entire cities, and global autonomous nation-states. Technology allows this, but does not define it. We finally have the option to exercise true freedom, in part because we have the ability to create transparent and accountable governance. We must participate in defining new models, and trying new things. Failure is often educational if critical thought is applied. Do not allow fear to deter us, nor others to define us, we are the future and the past. Let go of static thinking, look for the curves ahead, and find your flow.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Applied Chaos

Society; Communities
Internet; Messaging
Cryptography; Token Economy.

Each of these represents broad examples of naturally occurring, organized chaos, and the resulting beautiful manifestation we are provided to influence our world. Cryptography represents our application of everything we have learned from its predecessors, applied intentionally. When combined with brilliant logic, advanced ethical systems, and extraordinary collaboration, this futuristic science opens doors to humanity. We have the power to express ourselves, and record it, for perpetuity, and with clarity. We must open ourselves, and continue to learn, to progress into the quantum age.

This is the power that the ruling class have wielded over the subjective classes for millennia. The power to state that a thing is, because it is written. We all now have the power to release our statement in ways that express our true desire or belief, and trust in the markets that be. The beauty lies in the open redundancy of the systems in place. With almost a decade of up-time from Grandpa Satoshi, and a combined century of up-time from the key juggernauts in the world today, the technology has proven itself worth significant merit, and is already being applied by major banks, institutions, US states, and governments worldwide. They have figured out, as the old saying goes, "can't beat'em... join'em", and that is exactly what has happened this year, and over the past 2-3 years.

Looking for more info? Watch the short Ted Talk below.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Buying the new economy.

The new economy is not quite here but it is available to test drive. You can even buy your slice of it right now. The new economic tools of the modern age are available at the fingertips of anyone who chooses to participate. You can own pieces of the new financial systems that will serve the people who use and rely on them. Blockchain secure assets bring private equity back to Main St in America, and even connects small or remote communities to the global market.

Right now the world is in competition. It is a friendly race though. Like a financial arms race. Only it is a race among the people, yet everyone wins as we cut out the middle men of our financial systems.

Explore, search, and learn about this new technology. Discuss with friends, family, and colleagues. Own a piece of something. Take it back from wall st and bring it to main St. Let us make sure America has a strong position in the global digital asset market.

Buy with Coinbase

Friday, November 18, 2016

Money Day 6

Take control of the money and we take control of the world. Decentralized public digital assets offer this. We see creation of markets not run by the elites. This allows the markets to drive the financial sector instead of letting the financial sector drive the markets. We must take control of our individual rights and stand up for those around us by taking responsibility for our governance. We will develop the tools of governance through new technologies. We will find new opportunities for growth and employment by embracing these not-so-new innovations and exploring the latest ideas. Start now by learning more about the new economy.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Share Day 5

The quiet breath of others. Distant noises of an awaking population. Dim light enters. Driven to do more. Reminded that we are each at the center of our own world. I search for the opportunity to raise the bar. To help more people educate and equip themselves for the future. Striving to keep up myself. We are all, in my humble opinion, either seeking, avoiding, creating, or disrupting. Harmony. Synergy. Progress. Whatever we call it, our disposition toward the world around us must be reviewed and considered regularly. Keep thoughts in check, the attitude stays in check. Share ideas, hopes, and dreams. Even the bad idea, shared, may spark a great idea. Listen and contribute. Expand our knowledge base with research.