Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Do Day 4

Do. More. Desire to do more. There are so many need to be addressed. No one person can do it. We will require many helping hands to move forward as people of a nation and denizens of this earth. We must rise to become global citizens. Vote with your dollars by learning where you food comes from, what is the impact of purchase, and where do your dollars go after your transaction. Sure you can donate, you may find organisations true to your heart, and many of them make good use of donations. Don't forget that money does nothing without people($’s do depreciate). Your effort, action, and compassion are in even higher demand. What you may do for someone will have everlasting value. It will earn interest and return dividends indefinitely. Do not let your vision be overcrowded by examples of “it made no difference”. It will happen and you may never realize the good you have done. Step up and try again. Find the next opportunity to make a better decision, based on all the information at your disposal. Do what feels right to reinvest economic, social, and political capital in our future.

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