Thursday, January 04, 2018

Save for profit, invest for cause.

This is a paradigm shift that started in the 60s or earlier, and part of the path mankind has been on for millenia. If we learn how to think about money and monetary tools, we will adapt our behavior to better serve our own intentions. We may find that embracing commitment, while accepting constant change will free us from economic slavery. Pockets of collaboration will evolve to contribute to the whole diverse intention to live life and pursue happiness. Many will find they no longer concern themselves with monetary concepts, and those that do will be part of a dynamic and elastic system to reward those who save for rainy days. This new paradigm will offer opportunities for investment, but the bottom line influences your return on remaining savings, and it may not be transferable on death. We may have to accept that the only thing we leave behind are memories (unless of course we figure out how to bring back mr finney). In the meantime we earn our capital through societal contribution and our rate of appreciation is relative to our wisdom in applications of said earned capital. Which ultimately keeps all those able and willing to manage capital, engaged and empowered, while leaving no barrier to entry, nor requirement to participate directly. It remains the responsibility of those with capital to manage well to entice participation in systems that are synergistic to society, which benefit them… or capital dissipates with poor decisions and the individual must rely on opportunities to participate in existing systems. This scales from the individual, to small family or group, to entire cities, and global autonomous nation-states. Technology allows this, but does not define it. We finally have the option to exercise true freedom, in part because we have the ability to create transparent and accountable governance. We must participate in defining new models, and trying new things. Failure is often educational if critical thought is applied. Do not allow fear to deter us, nor others to define us, we are the future and the past. Let go of static thinking, look for the curves ahead, and find your flow.

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