Sunday, November 13, 2016

100 Word Challenge

So begins my challenge to write 100 words a day… I recall the desire to write from such a very young age. There was a time I was so inspired that I made a book. Folded construction paper, stapled the binding, and drew my favorite thing to draw on the cover, which was a bird at the time. I drew one once and somebody told me it was really good, so I kept drawing them. Then I opened it. Put pen to paper and made a mistake! Oh no! I can't go through writing and having correction all over my book! And so began the block. By the time it occurred to me to pull out a loose leaf notebook, draft my story and then move to a final publication, I had created my own writer's block. In this experience I began to comprehend how much work it would take to get to my goal, and perhaps there was even more I hadn't thought of. My beautiful idea was being reverse engineered by the mind of a 2nd grader and became overwhelmed. When I finally got around to placing pencil to paper, I could no longer find where to begin or even an idea of when to write. And it was dinner time. I have since learned how to break the large, daunting tasks into the small bitesize pieces I can handle. I am also a student of habits, and am now keenly aware of my own habits, those which make me successful, those which I would like to have, and those I could do without. I am a father, husband, and helper. I thrive on helping people achieve, seeing it happen, and contributing to it in any way. Here now, I revisit my own neglected goal of writing that book, with the bird on the cover, over two decades later. R.Munn

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