Sunday, November 13, 2016


Wow, its great to be back in business. It is so refreshing to be self-employed, and experiencing phenominal growth!

I've been in network marketing for almost 10 years now. It has been obvious to me that the concept is one of the few true opportunities out there for common people to create an uncommon life for themselves.

Unfortunately, its not as easy as it might seem at first. My first experience was exciting! I hit my list, followed my script, and made a couple thousand dollars in my first 3 months!! I was amazed! I presented at our local meeting and was the image of "anybody can do this" at 18 years old, I was on fire!

Then it hit me, I had burned up my list and was out people to talk to, and hardly anybody I had gotten in the business was doing anything near what I had done. The hard truths of network marketing began to set in as I searched all over the to find the answer. I had a measly $20 monthly check coming in, and desparately tried buying leads and cold calling. I got a people from that, but quickly lost interest and moved on.

I slowly reallized as i went through many other businesses both network marketing and conventional, that there is an entire industry based on the the churn of people who want the dream of having their own business. Most network marketing companies are in the center of this, but there are all kinds of "turn-key systems" for sale that leave people flat broke and holding the junk. I tried vending machines, insurance, web development, and more. All viable businesses in their own right, but often marketed and sold to individuals without all the information and resources to make it work. Its mostly churn business in which the opperating industry relies on suckers to keep the flow of fresh suckers flowing in the doors.

Now its not the people who are bad, at least 97% of people are good by nature. Its the few who are able to become wildly successful creating systems that look good while fleecing as many people as they can.

Now this, is all hidden behind truth. Many people can become successful even with the deck stacked against them if they are focused on their personal goals. The WHY is everything they tell you, and it is true. If your WHY is powerful enough and you write down your goals, define them clearly, and review them regularly, YOU WILL ACHIEVE THEM.

The trouble is that if your goals involve things like "doing no harm", and feeling 100% good about what you are doing, well there in lies the problem, and the barrier that many people have run into. I tried to define my goals, but my goals seemed, deep down, to conflict with the actual results that I knew I would affect by following the actions I was told would bring me success. In other words, to achieve success by their standards, I would have money, but actualy fail to achieve my other goals.

I eventualy pulled out of the rat race for a while to reflect, and try to live up to my goals, and even learn how to define them better. I continued persuing my passions: snowboarding, family, language, agriculture, and social justice. It was the family that grounded me, and yet also began to drive my desire for the promises of owning my own business all over again. I began to look around, localy and online. I was determined to do my due diligence, and really learn how to find something good, right, and doable. I learned to read the fine print on everything, and then read between the lines of the fine print. I learned to identify mentors and even started learning how to be a mentor.

I found myself one day in an obscure conversation about taking care of the body in healthy ways. I brought up some information about a product I knew of from a company I had been involved with years ago. I was asked to obtain this product for this person to try. I went and tracked down my old "sponsor" in that business and went to get that product from him for my friend.

That is when I found a company true to my heart. Nothing had really changed since I had originaly signed up with them, just me. They were still the great company I had been inspired to represent when I first learned about them, but I now had no other distractions, and was able to look clearly at the information through my new lenses that getting back to earth and living life had granted me.

Unlike most other companies out there, they had not written me off as another churned piece of meat. I was still a member of their family, and still had the opportunity sitting there in front of me. They are true to their mission, and even under new leadership are persuing that mission with more energy than ever. I took a deep, hard look at all the information I could find, and it all confirmed that this company is a diamond in the rough.

The combination of what this company is about, what it has to offer, the team I have the honor to work with, and the tools that technology brings to the table is unsurpassed. This company is #1 in its industry for a reason. It is uniquely driven to accomplish one beneficial thing for people, a "Happier Healthier Life"

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